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Who Will Bell The Cat

Once there lived a rich man in a certain town. He had several servants to do the domestic chores and to keep his house clean and clear.

One day a golden necklace was lost from his bedroom. Naturally, it was suspected that anyone of the servants had stolen the necklace. The rich man asked all he servants about the necklace. One of them said, “Sir, we have too many rats in the house, I saw one rat taking it.”

The man found out that actually, there were rats everywhere. They made hole here and there. They tore papers, clothes etc. They always made noise and the members of the house could not sleep for it.

So one day, the rich man brought a cat to kill the rats. The cat began to kill the rats everyday. The rats became very afraid and helpless. They could not move freely. So, they held a meeting.They talked about the problems but could not find out any solution. They became disappointed.

At last, a little rat stood up and said, “If we tie a bell on the neck of the rat, we can know its presence and save ourselves by running away.” All the rats became very happy.They began to dance in pleasure.

Suddenly, an old rat said, “The idea is very good.But who will bell the cat?” Hearing it, all the rats became silent again.

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