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Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone

Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone. Mobile phone is  one of the extraordinary inventions of modern science. It has further a replacement dimension to our life and to communication system. It is a phone system that works with none wire. It will be affected simply and quickly from place to position. Through mobile phone, we can send messages to distant places, play games and sports, know about time, solve the work of calculation, be aware of different kinds of news and views.


Uses of Mobile Phones

At present the recognition of the internet is increasing. Uses of Mobile phones is also increasing along with the uses of internet. Many corporations are being discovered for commercial use of internet. The price of itinerant is additionally decreasing compared with the past. People square measure being inspired to shop for a mobile-phone set at a less expensive rate. However, due to mobile phone, the whole world seems to be a global village.

In a terribly single moment, we can communicate with the people living in a very distant place with the help of mobile.

Disadvantage of Mobile Phone

With all its benefits, disadvantage of mobile phone is also a great issue . It has still some drawbacks in disguise. Though the value of it’s decreasing per minute bill isn’t decreasing. So everybody cannot possess it. Scientists have recently discovered that itinerant will cause cancer to the users. Besides, it’s become a fashion with the children.

Disadvantage of Mobile Phone for Students

Disadvantage of Mobile Phone for students is another issue. Mobile Phone sometimes kill a many hours of the students. They sometimes become addicted to mobile phone, mobile phone games, easy access of play store, excessive use of facebook and other social media etc. So Mobile phone has too many bad impressions on students.

Misuse of Mobile Phones by Students

Misuse of Mobile Phones by Students. Last however not the smallest amount, terrorists square measure mistreatment it to detached terrorist act all round the world. But in spite of of these disadvantages, it will be finalized here that the requirement of a itinerant in exchanging messages, can not be denied within the true sense of the term in our practical life.

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