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The Two Friend and The Wolf

Once there lived a wolf in a deep forest. He was ferocious and always did harm to other animals. All the animals of the forest were afraid of him. But they did not dare to protest against him.

In thls circumstance, one day, a clever fox called a meeting of all the leaders of each animal species of the forest. Together, they hit upon a plan to get rld of the ferocious wolf.

The next day, when the wolf was searching for his breakfast, he found that all the animals were roaming around in a group, and the groups of big animals like elephants and buffaloes were guarding the smaller animals.

Being alone the wolf could not hunt any animal for breakfast. Same thing happened in lunch and supper. The wolf starved for two days as the animals stayed united and strictly executed their plan.

On the third day, the wolf felt helpless and leli the forest. The animals became very happy, Since then the animals could understand the importance of unity.

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