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Unity Is Strength

A farmer had four sons. They always quarrelled. This made the farmer unhappy. The neighbours were also disturbed every now and then for their loud shouts. The farmer tried to bring them into their sense but failed. At last, he thought of a plan.

One day, the sons were quarrelling again and the old farmer heard them. He told them to bring four sticks and some ropes. The sons were surprised, yet they did so.

The old farmer then tied the sticks together with the rope and said tothis sons, “Now, try and break this bundle of sticks. The four sons tried one after another, but couldn’t break the bundle.

Then the farmer untied the sticks and gave one to stick each of his sons. Then he told his sons to break the sticks. This time, they all broke their sticks easily.

Then the old farmer said to his sons, “You are like these sticks. When you are united, you are strong. But when you are alone, you are weak.” The sons understood the lesson and promised not to quarrel again.

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