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Village Life vs City Life

Rural or village life is different from city life in many aspects. People who live in a village have different dressing style, profession, language and accent.

Most of the times, the profession of the village people are farmers and their surroundings are full of natural environment. They usually wake up early in the morning and go to their field to work. They go to sleep early night.

The villagers cultivate their land and produce crops and vegetables. They are the backbone of a country. Although, it is somewhat true that village life is little laid back compared to that of a city, it is sluggish because of several reasons that can include lack of technologically advanced instruments, poor traveling facilities among many others.

In a city, different professionals like doctors, engineers, bankers reside. The most important factor to consider while pointing out the difference.between a city and village life is the issue of development.

City life is considered more advanced by means of technology, education, traveling and entertainment facilities and so on. People who live in a city have a busy lifestyle. Therefore, they are often considered as unfriendly and unsocial.

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