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Renewable and Non-renewable Energy

We should cut down our uses of non-renewable energy, because they result in global warming. Fossil fuels are limited, which will deplete within the coming decades. Consequently, the prices of these fuels will go high.

The renewable energy sources are limitless because they are constantly and naturally replenished. Wind and solar energy are such kind of energy, and so, they never run out.

We should use renewable energy sources to produce energy, because they are infinite. Besides, they do not pollute the environment.

Non-renewable sources of energy release carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It results in global warming with all its devastating consequences. If it continues, survival of life may go beyond possibility owing to massive disasters. Thus they pose a great threat to the environment.

The dependence on fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal poses great problems for mankind to solve. Natural disasters are the ultimate consequences of unwise human activities, one of which is the use of fossil fuels. Besides, the supply of fossil fuels is finite, and so, the prices of these fuels are rising.

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