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My Visit to a Book Fair

Recently I visited a book fair. I went to the fair with my elder brother. The fair was arranged on the occasion of 21st February. lt was held at the Bangla Academy premises.

As it was my first visit to a book fair, I was really surprised when l entered the fair. There were hundreds of stalls in the fair. The environment was really charming. The stalls were arranged systematically.

There were information counters. There were also some stalls for taking snacks. I saw that all kinds of books such as fiction, drama, poetry, novel, biography, translation, children literature, story books, etc. were available in the fair. I bought some books on science fiction and comics. After walking for a long time, we became tired. So, we entered into a food stall and took some light foods.

Suddenly, I noticed a crowd in front of a stall. I went there and became really surprised seeing my favourite writer Dr. Muhammad Zafor Iqbal sir. He was giving autographs. I also took an autograph.

We also attended a short seminar in the fair in which some renowned personalities of our country delivered speeches on the importance of books in our life. After that we left the fair, but l took with me a lot of pleasant experiences.

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