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Mother Teresa and Nirmal Hriday

Mother Teresa was moved after seeing the sick and dying people on the streets of Kolkata. Dying destitute refers to the extremely sick and poor people who are on the verge of death, but don’t have any one to take care of.

The unloved and uncured for people felt that they were also the children of God when they were picked up from the streets and were given a shelter in ‘Nirmal Hriday.’ The charity home made sure the dying destitute were looked after and cared for.

‘Nirmal Hriday’ stands for ‘Pure Heart’. It is a charity home founded by Mother Teresa to shelter the dying destitute of Kolkata. Moved by the sufferings of the destitute, Mother Teresa and her fellow nuns gathered the dying people off the streets of Kolkata to provide them an opportunity to die in an environment of kindness and love.

The world salutes Mother Teresa for her love and compassion for humanity. She won prestigious awards for her great contribution to humanity.

Mother Teresa wanted the dying people to feel tat they deserve care and love too because they are also the children of God. She believed that everyone is entitled to love, care and shelter regardless of their creed, caste and religion. From her good deeds, we can learn that we should extend our hand towards those who need our love and support irrespective of their caste, creed and religion.

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