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Creative Recycling Ideas

One can cut down his/her shopping list following three simple ways. These are understanding need, finding an alternative sustainable product, and buying it only after getting acquainted with how it is produced, used, and disposed of.

One can follow several ways to reuse things. These techniques are washing a product to make it reusable, to repair it when broken, and to be creative if it is unusable for its original purpose.

Durable items can be used for a long time. Also some of them can be repaired when needed. Thus, they reduce the frequency of purchase and environment gets rid of excessively abandoned waste materials. Accordingly, durable items will help save the environment.

He or she can sell used products through personal ads in local newspapers. People can buy those things for the purpose of reuse. Thus, local newspapers can help in reusing things.

Recycling helps using some materials again and again. It reduces the frequency of our purchase, encourages less production, and lessens waste.

Thus, recycling helps saving our environment.

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