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Activities Increase Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere

The main cause of the increase in carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere is the burning of fossil fuels. With the increase of industrial activities, the combustion of coal has increased.

Different kinds of fossil fuels like coal, mineral oil, natural gas, etc are the sources of energy. Besides, about 85 million barrels of crude oil are burned worldwide daily. So, every time a fossil raw material is burned, it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Enormous areas of forests are destroyed by people every year to obtain wood and to clear regions for mining and to create pasture.

Humans can neither change the sun’s radiation nor the earth’s orbit around the sun. But they can control the pollution and the increase in the amount of greenhouse gases and its effect on the atmosphere.

We should minimize the use of fossil fuels and maximize the use of renewable energy, and stop deforestation and plant more trees to keep the atmosphere normal for our living.

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