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A Street Accident

Now a days, street accidents are very common in our country. Yesterday, I witnessed an accident near a school playground. The accident took place in the street in front of the school.

It was afternoon and the boys were playing with their friends. Suddenly, a harsh sound came and everyone looked at the direction to see. A truck was coming towards the school gate from the north. The truck was moving very fast as there were very few vehicles in the road. It reached very soon the our school gate.

Unfortunately, a little boy was crossing the road at that very moment. He didn’t notice the truck. Again, the driver also failed to control the sppe of the truck as it was running very fast.

As a consequence, the truck hit the boy and the boy just flew away. When we arrived at the spot, we found the boy covered with blood. It seemed that he was diving in the blood. Many people crowded.

We immediately took the boy to the nearby hospital, but we can’t save the boy. I felt very sad and guilty.

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