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A Moral Story: Look before You Leap

But the factory had only one exit and the path which led to this gate was very narrow. Even three men or women could not pass through this path side by side at a time. So, when all the workers of the factory were trying to come out along this narrow path, the path became congested with the workers. Many workers fell down on the path because of the jostling in the crowd and were trampled by other workers. Some of them received severe injuries. In a word, a chaotic situation had been prevailing in the factory.

Sufia is a worker in a big garments factory. More than five thousand workers work in that factory. One day, while she was busy in work, a sound was heard, “Fire! Fire! Help! Help!” As ill news runs apace, the news spread very fast, among the workers. But no one noticed whether there was actually any fire or not. Having ju st heard the news, without any confirmation, all the workers of the factory became desperate to come outside.

After observing the situation, the authority of the factory took steps to pacify the workers. The authority announced through loud speaker that the news was a rumour and no fire had broken out. Actually, a pipe containing colour had burst out in the dying section but it caused no casualties. After hearing this announcement twice, the workers understood their follies and went back to their work.

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